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Build Confidence

Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you to create a more positive, empowering life so that you are able to make healthy choices about how to live your life in the future. Hypnotherapy and NLP offer you the opportunity to stop unwanted habits and behaviours and to acquire more of the skills you desire.


The good news is that self confidence is a skill that can often be developed. The first step is to acknowledge the current level of self confidence and the cause of low self confidence, and then find ways to build upon this until confidence becomes a deeply ingrained quality. Self confidence can be seen in a number of ways, such as in an individual's body language, the way they speak, how they react to certain situations and their behaviour.


Those who have high levels of self-confidence are often more positive about their abilities, whereas those who lack the quality generally have negative thoughts about themselves and their abilities. This is usually why those with low self confidence seek to develop their confidence level.


If an individual has low self confidence they will often feel:

Shy and uneasy.....Uncomfortable in certain situations Uncertain of themselves Uncertain of their needs

A sense of worthlessness

Negative thoughts about themselves


Treatment....  We offer Louise Hay life coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP and walking sessions to help clients develop their self confidence.

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