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Anger Management

The reason why Hypnotherapy and NLP are so effective with dealing with anger management is because the primary source of anger is the unconscious mind. Anger is not a conscious response - if you could consciously decide to stop getting angry, wouldn't you simply decide to do so? The reality is that this would be a little like asking your conscious mind to forget how to swim.


We usually feel anger when we are being hurt; our boundaries are being violated; our needs are being ignored; or, during numerable other scenarios where our expectations are not being met. In these situations we express anger as a means of regaining control and in that regard, it is a perfectly natural state. However anger can become a real problem when it's experienced too frequently, too intensely, or for long periods of time.


Most people respond to difficult everyday situations by experiencing relatively healthy emotions such as stress, frustration, hurt or even fear; they reserve anger for the really serious situations in life. However for some of us, we react to everyday situations by immediately getting angry and it becomes an all too frequent response. And even when most people get angry, the level of anger is usually restricted to raising the voice and expressing a few choice words. However for some of us, we find our anger is much more intense. And even when ordinary people get angry to a more intense level, as a result of venting the anger, they usually find it subsides within a short space of time. However for some of us, once we're into the cycle, it's difficult to get out of, leaving us with a lingering sense of anger that permeates us and those around us for hours, possibly days.


Through hypnosis and NLP, we can access the unconscious mind and harness its extreme power to reprogram habitual patterns of behaviour, such as responding angrily to everyday situations. Rather like day dreaming, through hypnosis attention can then be focused towards particular images, thoughts, perceptions, feelings, motivations and behaviours which will help change our habitual responses and learnt behaviours.

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