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What is NLP?


NLP stands for 'Neuro Linguistic Programming'. 'Neuro' refers to the brain/neurones and sensory apparatus (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic (feeling), olfactory (smell) and gustatory (taste), 'linguistic' refers to language and other means of communication (pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes, smells and self-talk), and programming' refers to the way the mind can be altered to achieve specific outcomes.


NLP is how we understand and utilise human communication, behaviour and experiences to achieve a specific outcome. It provides a method of increasing our awareness and developing our understanding of the nervous system and learning how to manage it to achieve the absolute maximum potential.

A lot of people have heard that NLP is a powerful discipline with the potential to make significant changes in your life.


NLP can be used by all kinds of people, in all kinds of circumstances. Whether you want to feel happier or more motivated or change limited behaviour, NLP can help.


This technique will help you forget about your past failures, mishaps or misdemeanours and create a positive response into your subconscious, which means that no conscious thought or will power is required to make the new response permanent. You will start to act in a positive way. The NLP Swish Pattern will allow a new compelling image to fly into your brain, thus making you more confident and positive. You will be surprised at how quickly this works and how your actions and thoughts are easily changed for the better.


NLP Submodalities
How to change the Impact of Good and Bad Memories

This works in two ways. You can learn to make good memories better, stronger and clearer and you can also learn to make bad memories weaker. By making the good memories stronger and more powerful they can be used as a huge confidence boost every time you think of them.
For most of us, the way we represent thoughts and memories in our heads tend to impact the way we feel.


NLP Visual Submodalities
Playing with the visual aspect of a memory is one of the easiest ways to improve a good memory. When most of us think of a specific memory, we'll see a picture. One of the easiest NLP Submodalities to change is size. For most people, making a memory bigger will increase its impact, and making it smaller will decrease its impact. You can use this to grow good memories and make them more powerful, and you can use it to shrink the effect of bad memories by making them tiny and insignificant.

Next you can play with the brightness, colour and distance. For most people, the brighter, closer and more vivid an image is, the bigger the impact it will have. So when you make it brighter and clearer and brought it close to you, it should have increased the feelings associated with the memory. When you make it black and white and hard to make out by pushing it further away, the feeling should all but disappear.

Other visual NLP Submodalities are associating (seeing the picture through your own ideas, disassociating (seeing the image from a third party perspective). Good memories need to be associated and bad ones disassociated.


NLP Submodalities Auditory
Most people when they think of a memory, do hear some sounds of some sort. This could be the actual sounds that occurred at the time of the event or it could be your own internal voice, talking through the memory. For most people the internal voice is a critical one. If you try and change the internal voice to a humorous voice instead it lessens the negative effect and will not seem so important. If the memory is good turn the volume up and if the memory is negative turn the volume to mute. This will have much less impact.


NLP Submodalities Kinaesthetic
These are the feelings and emotions that you associate with a memory. First of all when you think of a memory, find the location of the feeling. If it is a positive feeling, send it all around the whole body, making it more powerful and send it to every part of the body to really relish the positive feeling.


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